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As part of ASD's continued growth in the supply of products and services to the aviation sector, we regularly review what we believe will be of benefit to airlines, OEMs, MROs and suppliers in the area of tracking of RFID-tagged items on aircraft, in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain process. As part of our strategic roadmap, we have engaged with new partners to allow us, through our partner network, to provide the following additional services:


- Job Card review and re-writes for the introduction of RFID solutions on aircraft

- Regulatory Compliance Planning

- Maintenance Program Integration

- Shared Learnings

- Customer Feedback for Improvements

- Direct Learning from other airlines

- Integrating technology into existing operations

- Installation of hardware in on-ground facilities

The addition of these new services allows us to provide the complete solution for the implementation of a tagging and tracking solution to track components, assets, tools, people, paper documentation and other items that need to be tracked within your environment. Feel free to contact us if you are exploring the benefits of RFID or if you want to implement a solution that allows your company to track items of value within your network.

For more information and to organise a demonstration please contact us using the links below or call +353 1 206 0011.

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