RFID TwinBin solution reporting and data exchange

Based upon an RFID fixed reader or RFID handheld computer implementation, the ASD solution interrogates the RFID tags on each TwinBin and determines when stock within a TwinBin needs to be replenished. The information gathered by the RFID readers is fed back to the application server for sharing with the user community using the appropriate communication protocol. This can include data exchange with your in-house systems or communication with the appropriate personnel via e-mail message or SMS text message.


The solution has capability to record, store and share unlimited data with people within the organisation, external business partners and other computer applications that can accept data in an agreed format and via an agreed communication protocol.

At time of implementation, the system is defined and configured to allow for the recording of data appropriate to the organisation and to address business needs. This data is identified at an “Entity Type” level. An Entity Type defines a group or category of items to be managed, e.g. Assets, Staff, Consumables, Twinbins, etc. Our solution will manage as many Entity Types as necessary and accommodates Entity Sub-Types within each Entity Type. Sub-Types are a subdivision of an Entity Type, e.g. TwinBin bin and TwinBin flag within the TwinBin Entity Type.

Data may be output and shared with other systems based upon the system report generator or based upon specific data exchange requirements. Within the report generator, output can be generated in Excel, PDL, CSV, Fixed Width and many other formats.

The report generator allows for data to be output in the agreed position, sequence, format and size. Sorting of data and the selection criteria is available for every report based upon customer requirements.


For existing TwinBin systems, the system as implemented allows for the following information to be associated with each TwinBin:

  • Entity Code
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Sub-Type
  • Date/Time Created
  • Date/Time First Seen
  • Date/Time Last Seen
  • GS1 ID
  • User Code
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacture Date
  • Receipt Date
  • Re-Order Quantity
  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Unit Price
  • Expiry Date
  • Status
  • Missed Scan Count
  • Moved scan count
  • Location
  • EPC Tag
  • Movement Location
  • Movement Date/Time Stamp
  • Movement Date/Time First Seen
  • Movement Date/Time Last Seen
  • Time in Location
  • Movement Status
  • Time in Status
  • Movement Date/Time First Seen
  • Status Movement Date/Time Last Seen
  • Operation Code
  • Operator
  • Transaction Date/Time
  • Status
  • Missed Scan Count
  • Moved scan count

Our solution also provides the facility to exchange data with other systems. We can provide data in an agreed format and via an agreed communication protocol ensuring real-time sharing of data and facilitating immediate action to ensure timely stock replenishments.

For specific data exchange requirements, ASD will work with business partners to extract data or to accept data is agreed formats. For example, data can be shared via XML or EDI to allow for data exchange between systems, i.e.



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