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RFIDAero Preview for 2017

It is now over 3 months since the RFIDAero Customer Conference in Dublin (!

Since then many things have happened at ASD in terms of products and customers. At our Customer Conference in September we released version 5.0 of our RFIDAero suite of business solutions. In version 5.0, we now have a server dashboard, tailored to each user's need, allowing for graphical presentation of component requirements by aircraft manufacturer, fleet type, component type and other defined business areas with drill down to component needs at aircraft location / position level. We also now provide our handheld solutions on iOS, Android and Windows devices, with Bluetooth connectivity to RFID readers, allowing greater return on investment on hardware that you may already use within your organisation.

Following on from our conference, additional customer feedback and ongoing internal product reviews, we have just completed a new strategic roadmap for our suite of business solutions. A copy of our strategic roadmap is available to you upon request. So in addition to the recent release of RFIDAero version 5.0 we have now planned and identified the functionality that we will include within RFIDAero for the foreseeable future.

You, as the potential user of our solutions, can now see why other companies in the aviation sector have selected ASD and RFIDAero. In 2016, we have doubled our number of aviation customers. We now provide hosted and deployed solutions to airlines, OEMs, MROs and repair agents in 4 continents providing 24x7 support services when needed. Development and implementation projects in 2016 include the management and tracking of 42 different component types in the cabin and cockpit for both presence and expiry, the monitoring of security locations on aircraft, the tracking of assets, rotables and repairables in the warehouse, carpet tagging, tool tracking, tracking of paper documentation and staff clocking and location tracking. We believe that, at ASD, we provide the greatest return on investment of all RFID solution providers within the aviation sector. Our solutions are fully compliant with the ATA Spec2000 standard and are GS1 accredited and address the needs of the aviation sector. In addition, our staff and partners are experienced in both the aviation business and the implementation of RFID-based business solutions.

As we start 2017, we at ASD would appreciate your feedback and input on your plans for implementation of RFID solutions this year. Your input is important to us as we want to ensure that we are in a position to address your organisation's needs when you decide to implement RFID technology. We will be more than happy to provide product demonstrations of our latest solutions for you at a suitable time and work with you to successfully implement solutions that meet and surpass your expectations

For more information and to organise a demonstration please contact us using the links below
or call +353 1 206 0011.


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